CAGBALETE– A Perfect Summer Destination

Hair gets lighter? Skin gets darker?  Drink gets colder?

CONFIRMED! IT’S ALREADY SUMMER! And this simply means more travel!

So are you looking for a place to explore with  limited time and budget but will give an unforgettable experience? Good news! There is a place I just discovered that will let you enjoy having a sun-kissed skin without having your pocket screwed up.

Introducing, the island where adventures are unlimited, happiness is uncontainable, and experiences are unforgettable— CAGBALETE!


Cagablete Island is a 1,640 hectare Island located at Lamon Bay, Mauban Quezon. It is more known because of its long and wide shore when low tide strikes (usually around 11am-3pm).

How to get there?

There are a lot of blogs sharing the easiest ways on how to get to Cagbalete and this time, I want to share ours.

Since we only have 2 days and 1 night to travel, our group decided to leave Manila a night before the first day strikes. So technically, since our travel days were Sunday and Monday, we left Metro Manila on Sunday, around 2 am. We rode the Jac liner bus going to Lucena grand bus terminal for only Php220.00 per pax. Estimated time of arrival was supposedly 6am but we arrived earlier than that. (But there’s a direct trip going to Mauban Quezon, just kindly visit Jac liner’s website for schedule updates.) Around 4:30am, we already arrived at Lucena grand bus terminal.

cagbalete island8
The Lucena bus grand terminal and the ordinary bus going to Mauban Quezon.

(CTTO to:

Then for only Php50.00, we rode an ordinary bus going to Mauban terminal for 2 hours.

The ordinary bus left Lucena at 6am and we arrived at Mauban port around 8am. Since the trip of the public boat was around 10:30am, we decided to get fresh foods first at the Mauban Public wet market. (Trivia: This market isn’t using plastic bags instead, they will wrap your stuff in a recycled paper bag regardless they are wet or dry.)

It was around 9am when we decided to get a tricycle and went to Mauban port.

The public boats are dedicated to everyone. Ours arrived at around 9:30 and it left the port around 10:30. So while waiting, “manong” who’s basically the captain of the boat, invited us to have snacks. He introduced to us the famous “pansit habhab” of Quezon province. Well, it’s not really my first time to taste it but despite of that fact, I still love the original recipe and the way people are eating the “pansit habhab”. How? Locals used to put the pansit on the “dahon ng saging” (banana leaves) and eat it without using any utensils. From the word itself, “habhab”, it’s a must eating it without using any utensils.

The gang happily eating pansit habhab.

It was around 11:30am when we arrived at the island proper. Since it’s low tide during that time, the people were unloading themselves via mini banca. And instead of walking, my group decided to rent another banca as well for only Php 400.00 to take us to our resort. But there’s also another option and that’s through walking for about 45 mins. from port going to the resort proper which we also tried when we went home.

The crystal clear water of Cagbalete.

It was 12 noon almost when we arrived at the resort and was still low tide so we walked going to the shore.

My friends walking from banca going to the shore.

And there you go, friends, welcome to “Villa Noe Beach Resort”.

Photo credits to

Villa Noe Beach is a relaxing vacation spot and resort with white sand beaches and clear ocean water. It offers cottages and tents for rent, or you can bring a tent of your own. Take a relaxing swim, go fishing or hiking or have a picnic or get a massage.

Our own version of poses at the Villa Noe name.
The relaxing mood of the resort during high tide hours.


In fact, we rented a room good for 8-10 pax for only P4,000.00. It was really affordable.

Our simple cottage.

To know more about the resort, you may visit their website-

As we arrived, we already checked in and cooked our lunch. Good thing, the resort had an available burner to rent, otherwise, it might take forever before we had our food cooked.

Was taken before sunset.
The beautiful sunset in Cagbalete.

During the night, travellers may make bonfire, eat or drink. And most of all, the generator is now working so we can have our gadgets charged.

After the good night sleep, the soft and cold breeze of the sea woke us up.

And after breakfast, we had our island hopping. Every Cagbalete escapade will never be complete without a visit to their famous sandbar and other water activities.

Swimming at the sand bar! Yes, unfortunately, it was high tide during the time we visited the famous sand bar.

We also tried snorkeling. (Disclaimer: Starfishes were released after we took a photo of them.)

And kayaking, too. The other resorts also offer banana boat and other water activities.

At around 11am we decided to pack up since the public boat will arrive at 1pm. The route going home was just the same so it became a bit easier for us. We went back at the port then rode a UV express back to Lucena grand terminal then rode a Jac liner bus going to Cubao. The same fees applied.

Raymond pointing out on the sign board as we tracked our way home.

Truly, though we only stayed at Cagbalete island for only 24 hours, we had an amazing adventure, best memories and unlimited fun.

For me, the best part is discovering what you are capable of doing while traveling. After all, I don’t only travel because I want to escape the toxic world in Manila, I travel because I want to learn and to discover more. After all, nothing beat experience.

With that, I believe, I made my get away an unforgettable one. I may forget how Cagbalete island looks like, given that there are a lot of other islands in the Philippines, but I will never forget how it made me feel like–peace, calm and serenity.

I am always in owe to the fine sand, the waves, and the sea of Cagbalete island.

Truly, it’s such a perfect summer destination.


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