Do you feel exhausted due to your everyday stuff? Do you feel like there’s a need for you to have a break? Been wanting to hit the beach but don’t have enough time to go away? Here’s a perfect destination for you.

Welcome to Mahabang Buhangin, Calaguas group of islands.

Calaguas group of islands is a virgin and unspoiled beach located in Bicol region. It has fine white powdery sand that can be compared in Boracay. And the best thing about it, it’s far from any distractions you can possibly have.

It’s a group of islands – 17 to be exact in Vinzons but the most famous and beautiful is at Mahabang Buhangin where we stayed which is also 1.27 km of powdery white sands.

Here’s how you can go there:

From Manila by land- Take a bus going to Daet. On our case we rode DLTB bus by 5pm and we arrived at their terminal in Daet by 5:30am. We met our tourist guide at MCDO Daet (15 mins away) and we left Daet by 7am. The travel agency who arranged our tour is Calaguas Super Express. You can contact Ms. Janica Raala- organizer at 09090448157 or 09165330164 or follow them on FB at Calaguas Super Express.

From left to right: Karla Joy Aguilar (publisher)Nicole CarrelliTyron Van Geest

But if you don’t have a travel tour agency, here’s how you can go there:

From Daet, ride a jeepney going to Vinzons for only Php 12. In Vinzons town proper, there are two fish ports where you can hire a motor boat going to Calaguas’ main beach which is Mahabang Buhangin or as the locals call it, Halabang Baybay. These fish ports are Doongan and Hagdang bato. In these ports you can rent a motor boat for Php 2500 to Php 3000 for six people. If there are a lot of travelers going to Calaguas, you might be lucky to get a big boat that charges 200 per person.

From Manila by Air:

Take a flight thru Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific to Daet via Naga City airport. From the airport, it will takes 2 hours for you to reach Daet.

From Daet, catch a jeepney to Minaogan fishport in Vinzons.From the fishport, take the boat going to Barangay Banocboc (usually leaves 10-11am). From Brgy Banocboc, you can hire an outrigger boat or a small fishing boat going to Mahabang Buhangin. If you are with a group of 5 or more, you can hire an outrigger boat from Vinsons Fishport that will take you directly to Tinaga Island. Travel time to Tinaga Island from Vinsons Fishport is approximately 2 hours.

You can also reach Calaguas via Paracale. From Daet, take public van or bus to Paracale (1 hour). From Paracale get a Tricycle to the fish port. Hire a boat (P2,000 – P2,500) to Halabang Baybay or Mahabang Buhangin. Travel time from Paracale to Mahabang Buhangin is approximately 2-2.5 hrs.

Here is  a sample itinerary for a 2 Day trip:


Day 1

5:30am Arrival at Daet bus terminal (Breakfast)

6:00am Assembly at McDonald Daet in front of SM Hypermarket

6:30am Proceed to Vinzons Port

7:00am Take off to Mahabang Buhangin, Calaguas Island

9:00am ETA in Calaguas Island

Frisbee,Volleyball and Snorkel Kayaking

12:00nn Lunch

1:00pm Continuation of Activities

4:00pm Island hoping (Php100/head)

Frisbee, Volleyball, Snorkeling Kayaking

7:00pm Dinner 9:00pm Socials/Entertainment/Local Mixed Wine

Day 2

6:00am Breakfast

7:00am Trekking (40pesos/head)

Frisbee, Volleyball and Snorkel Kayaking

10:00am Break Camp Take-Off Calaguas/ Back to port

12:00nn Arrival in the port


2:00pm Arrival to Bagasbas for surfing

4:00pm ETD to Daet Camarines Norte

7:00pm ETA to Naga City Camarines Sur

What to do in Calaguas?

  1. Feel the white powdery sand of the island! Of all the beaches I’ve been to, this is one of the most beautiful so far. You’ll surely love the fine white powdery sand as you step on it.

    We can almost call it a day! Yey!
  2. Eat Bicol’s specialty such as the famous Bicol express and ginataang gabi. These are some of the meals we ate cooked by the locals. One of the best things about our group tour is you will never go hungry!
  3. Trek, ride a kayak and do island hopping at the afternoon. Its best to watch the sunset at the top of the hill.brilliant-office-table-with-notepad-computer-and-coffee-cup-flickr-pertaining-to-office-table-top13339518_576457912533018_8912675951559580287_n13332897_10207773933881211_9115581547913282139_n
  4. Party! Party! Parteeeeey! Mingle with new found friends!

    Local and branded drinks prepared by our organizers!
  5. After partying, sleep by the beach at night and do star gazing. Nothing beats the soft cold wind that will surely put you to sleep.

On our second day, we had a side trip to Bagasbas beach where we did surfing. Actually, this was my first time to surf and ’twas really hard but worth it for experience’ sake. I got my instructor for only Php200/hour plus Php150 /hour for the surf board rent.

Around 4pm when we decided to go to the terminal where we can ride a van to go to our next stop which is Camarines  Sur to visit CWC or more known as Camsur Watersport Complex and the wake boarding capital of the Philippines. Van is only for Php150 per head. We arrived at SM Naga by 7pm. Around 9pm when CWC’s shuttle picked us up and we checked in at one of their villas for only Php 2,400/ night good for 3 persons already.


The next day, we had tried to play wake boarding. Wakeboarding was created from a combination of water skiing, snow boarding and surfing techniques. Instead of using skis, the rider rides a single board with stationary non-release bindings for each foot, standing sideways. They have several man-made lake available for everyone to play wakeboarding.


For first timers like us, we tried the one for beginners which is Php150 per hour. Prior to playing, your must first register. Upon registration, it’s a must that you avail their life vest and helmet for only Php500/ hour again but is refundable upon returning the vest. There’s also other amenities that you can enjoy like swimming and playing other sport’s activity.

For more details, you can visit  Camsur Watersports Complex website.


We left CWC the next day. The bus terminal is located at Naga City near SM. We rode a bus to go back to the City for only Php20. The fare from Naga to Cubao Metro Manila is Php600 only.

Backpacking has never been this exciting. In fact, you can do it yourself! If you have questions, feel free to drop comments below.




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