On our second day in Cebu, we decided to spend it at the Southern part. As I have said, this part of the province offers the best of Cebu- whether you want to know their culture or want to do nature or food tripping.

Below are some of our most adventurous trips in South Cebu.

1. Climb Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete for sunrise!

This is being considered as the highest point in Cebu at 1013 MASL. The peak is part of the Mantalungon mountain range, which is unique from other mountain ranges in the Philippines because of its multiple jagged hills grouped together that overlook and stretch as far as the Badian shorelines. The highest of these hills is the Osmeña Peak named in honor of the famous Osmeña clan in Cebu. It remains a favorite among Cebuanos because of its multiple peaks resembling Bohol’s Chocolate Hills. The highest point can easily be reached from the base  of the mountain in 15-20mins. But this adventure does not end at the summit, rather a traverse to the beautiful Kawasan Falls is to be done.

A boomerang shot at the top of the hill!

I want you now.

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Sunrise while on our way to the top.

Still wondering what's behind the fog. 😅😅😅

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We went around 6am that’s why it’s foggy but according to our local tour guides and volunteers, there are some days that you will see the scenery. Best time to go is during sunset.

2. Canyoneering in Kawasan Falls

After a long trek, you may want to have a refreshing reward by having a dive at the cold waters of Kawasan falls in Badian, Cebu.  It is a peaceful natural place where you can enjoy many waterfalls of natural spring water. On our case, we only did half canyo since full canyo is still closed. We started the trek by 9am and we finished it by 1pm. First jump is 27ft high then, 30ft and lastly is 40ft high. Basically, the falls is located at the latter part where you can rent a bamboo raft for only Php350 so you can experience going nearer to it.

Sexy back shot of the birthday celebrant! Read more: Maayong Pag-abot sa Sugbu! (Welcome to Cebu!) Day 1

This is Kawasan falls proper! Around 60ft high!

Yes! He’s able to jump and dive while I’m waiting I’m just somewhere else, swimming or taking photos. HAHA!

Photo credits: Aaron Andres

3. Relax in Mainit Hot Spring, Malabuyoc 

After the long walk in Kawasan falls, it’s a must that you try the relaxing waters of Mainit Hot Springs. Basically, this is a place for family bonding . Not only that, according to the locals, the hot pools have therapeutic effects on the skin, the nervous system, and other vital organs. There are actually 4 pools available here and their temperature range from 35.8°C to 42.6°C. Entrance is only Php20.

Photo credit: Aaron Andres

4. Beach Bumming in White Beach, Basdaku, Moalboal

White powdery fine sand is what you can find here in White Beach. Almost 30 mins away from Mainit Hot Springs. What I love about this place is there is a lesser crowd so you can really enjoy privacy. You can also enjoy the sunset view here. The white beach has a large beach area, more space to play, rest, sunbathe or simply swim on its water.

Waiting for the sunset! It’s best if you’ll go here for sunset.

It's either you take a good photo or you enjoy. -@almondandres

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I recommend you also bring food though there are some stores around but its far from the beach proper.

On my first write up, I mentioned there that we are here to celebrate his birthday! Basically, I ruined his suppose to be solo trip. HEHE! Read more: Maayong Pag-abot sa Sugbu! (Welcome to Cebu!) Day 1

5. Whale shark encounter in Oslob

This has been on our bucket list as a traveller and finally, we were able to cross it out already. Prior to swimming with the gentle giants, there is a briefing being held at their station for only 10 mins then afterwards, that’s the time you’ll get your life vest then they will assign a boat to you.  It’s simple – sharks are lured to the coast. People throw shrimps into the water from boats, then the sharks will swim around. This organization is a government agency, all the money from the tickets go to the government. At some point, environmentalists sounded alarm, because artificially lured sharks no longer afraid of people and potentially could lose the knack to find food themselves. Therefore, the feeding occurs only in the morning 6am – 12 am. During the rest of the time, sharks have to find food in the ocean. Our only message to those who are planning to experience this is to strictly follow the rules and regulations.

Seeing the whale sharks made us happy but honestly, there could be something better than that.

The sea has its own way to make people happy. – @almondandres

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Oslob is really enchanting plus the fact that there are treasures swimming on the ocean that’s showering their town a lot of blessings.

Another shark enjoying the bait. #batangpieradventures #travelph #pinasmuna #cebu2016 #goproph

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6. Catch the Sandbar in Sumilon Island

This is only 20 mins away from whale shark encounter. There is a boat that’s taking tourists to the island proper. Just like any other sandbar, you will enjoy it crystal clear waves under the heat of the sun. On the afternoon, the sandbar was almost fully submerged courtesy of the high tide. The water here is not that deep and there was a bit of the white sand still so we could roam around without the need for life vests.

Summer never ends.

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7. Jump in Hidden falls Samboan

Known also as as Binalayan Falls. The waterfall was tagged as such because it is indeed hidden. If it could tone down the sound of its cascading water, you will have no idea that a waterfall exists on that part. There will be a 15 min walk from the jump off point or you can hire a habal-habal for only Php20. Has 3 columns with the water flowing directly on a catch basin. Since the area is a bit hidden, it’s a perfect spot for skinny dipping, that’s if you’re alone. Entrance is only Php10 plus tip on your local tour guide.

Mysteries are beautiful. #wheninCebu #hiddenfalls #cebu2016 #travelph

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8. Snorkeling in Pescador Island

It is a small island that no one resides. This island is where the main diving spot is. The best way to see the island’s marine life is by scuba diving since there are fewer corals and small fishes only are seen by just snorkeling. Few meters away is the spot of sardine run. We went to try it however, we didn’t dive since its almost 6pm.

Of all our snorkeling experiences, this is one of the most memorable. We really love the corals and fishes here!

9. Pray at Simala church

Simala church is in the mountainous part of Brgy. Simala ,Sibonga Cebu which is 2 hours away form the City. Known for its castle-like structure, here lies the blessed Virgin Mary who are being patronized by the pilgrimage every now and then. More details about this trip is available on my blog Maayong Pag-abot sa Sugbu! (Welcome to Cebu!) Day 1

10. Eat Cebu Delicacies

South Cebu does not only have the best tourist spots but also, a good place to fill your tummy in with good food. I recommend you try the lechon Cebu in Carcar which is the best  “lechunan”  in the province. Lechon Cebu will surely mystify you as you savor the taste which some tourists described as truly tender and juicy, even its belly could make your salivary glands crave for more.

And of course, try torta Cebuano! Like mangoes and Danggit, Torta is one of the delicacies that the Queen City of the South. It comes in a wide variety of cooking styles, sizes, tastes, and presentations, but the torta that comes from Argao is considered the original and most delicious type. Argao’s version is said to be composed of “tuba” or fermented coconut wine.

There are still other places to explore and things to try out. Please do read the first part of this blog Maayong Pag-abot sa Sugbu! (Welcome to Cebu!) Day 1 .

Enjoy exploring Cebu! Daghang salamat!




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  1. Seems your visit in Cebu is jam-packed!
    See more of Cebu in the other soon.
    I’m sure the North of Cebu can be as exciting as the south.


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    1. @true-blue Cebuano we will go back on June to explore the Northen part of Cebu. Thank you for the comment tho. Really appreciate. 🙂


  2. Luna says:

    Wow, loads to see and do. Cebu is now on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Im sure you will enjoy. 🙂 Have fun! 🙂


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